Image makers club is a new concept in open-source creative exploration and community in NYC. The goal of the Images makers club is to bring artists and ideas together into a space where ideas can flow and artists can evolve and grow as individual and as a community. We have monthly meet-ups in NYC to play with photographic ideas and share with each other. Artists helping artists is at the fundamental core of what this club is about. Is that a little vague, yes, because what we do when we meet-up it entirely up to those present at each meet-up. 

Our meetings are very informal, organic, and usually involve having a few beers. At the beginning of the night anyone present can bring up a topic, discussion, creative idea, or thought they would like to explore that evening. Want to know how others light portraits? Or how they manage fine art work with commercial work? Or what they think of your website? Or how to shoot a motion piece? Or How to build a rig that throws shrimp or pours a liquid? Any question you may have is open for discussion and even better ... exploration, by those present. 

We can play with different light setups, work on editing images or concepts, we can discuss business matters, or any other image making creative question you can come up with. All the equipment and experience of those present is open for discussion and use. This group is not only for young image makers, but for images makers of all levels of experience; How can you learn something new without stepping out of your own bubble? Join us at our next event to learn something new using exploration and the power of community.


Image Makers Club